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PNC Update – July 30, 2017


The Pastor Nominating Committee includes members:  David Albright, David Arrango, Pat Bishop, E.B. Gee, Jr., Lannie Mercer, and Ellen Matthews.


Your PNC was nominated in October of last year and our first meeting was on November 15.


We will visit a Neutral Pulpit on August 6 to observe a sermon by our second candidate.  Although we may make a decision shortly after that visit there are still a number of steps we must still follow to complete this process, including:


  • Inviting him to be the nominee presented to the congregation

  ➢ Settle on total effective salary—if beyond current allowance we will need session approval

  ➢ Maximum of one week for the candidate to accept the call

  • Final decision by the Presbytery

  ➢ Examination by the Presbytery

  o Examination for fit, terms of call

  • Ask session to schedule a congregational meeting


  ➢ Dissolution of current position

  • Installation service


Please pray for us.  This will not be an easy decision.  This process has made me look deep inside myself and face my own fears about making a decision that will have a lasting impact on our church.  Rest assured that each member of your committee feels the same way.


JUNE 26, 2017


The Pastor Nominating Committee includes members:  David Albright, David Arrango, Pat Bishop, E.B. Gee, Jr., Lannie Mercer, and Ellen Matthews.


On April 28th, our Pastor Nominating Committee posted our church’s Ministry Information Form on-line with the Presbyterian Church USA’s church leadership connection.  I am sure you remember that this MIF contained a description of our church and the characteristics we desired in our next Head of Staff and Pastor.


Since then we have read, reviewed, and discussed over 51 Personal Information Forms, or resumes, from Presbyterian Pastors.  After reading those 51 resumes and often listening to recorded sermons we offered to interview 12 applicants.  8 pastors accepted our invitation to interview with your committee on SKYPE.  Over the last two weeks we have interviewed 4 pastors and this week we will interview 4 more.  We still have a lot of work to complete, references to check, watching them preach live sermons, and face to face interviews, along with the other requirements of our Presbytery.


However, you should be encouraged to know that the entire congregation’s input is about to become a reality as we discern who our next pastor will be.


As we have talked with these applicants I have to tell you there are some great people out there who have a vision for bringing God’s active presence to our church and our community.  I am really excited about the quality of the people we are considering for our pastor.


Please continue to pray for us.


Jim Yancey




JANUARY 29, 2017


   The members of the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) were recommended to the congregation by the nominating committee and elected by the congregation in October.  The PNC members that were elected and commissioned are David Albright, David Arango, Pat Bishop, E.B. Gee, Jr., Ellen Matthews, Lannie Mercer, and Jim Yancey.

   Our regularly scheduled PNC meetings always include prayer and scripture, a team building activity, training and new information.

   In November and December we held 11 Focus Group Meetings where information was collected from the congregation about characteristics members were seeking in our next Pastor.

   Dr. Benz has delivered a report from these Focus Group meetings to the PNC and will deliver her report to the Session at their February meeting. Much of this information will be added to our website soon.

   At our meeting this week (2/1/17) the PNC will begin writing the Ministry Information Form and hope to have it finished in March (at the latest), which the Session must then approve.   The MIF contains information about our church and the pastor we are seeking to call.  The MIF must then be approved by the Presbytery.  When this is completed we will post the call for our pastor on the national Presbyterian Church (USA) database.

   God willing, we should begin to receive Personal Information Forms from pastors who may be interested in our church in March.

   After receiving initial inquires it will take us several months to sort, correspond, evaluate, and reduce the group to finalists which we will interview in person.








Follow Us

On Our




Dissolve pastor’s call


Call an interim pastor


Secure permission to elect a PNC


Session recommends size for PNC (in our case, 7)


Church members (not the session) submit members’ names to the

         congregational nominating committee for consideration to serve on PNC


Slate of names to serve on PNC prepared by nominating committee,

         to be voted on by congregation


Call a congregational meeting to elect the PNC

         September 25, 10:30 a.m., in the Sanctuary


Elect PNC


PNC is trained by Presbytery Executive (Steve Benz),

         interim pastor (Dr. Cynthia M. Benz), and COM liaison (the Rev. Gary Marshall)


PNC appoints specific responsibilities within its committee: chair or co-chairs, secretary

         and/or internet communicator, devotional leader, team building exercise leader


Mission study takes place in focus group meetings


Analysis report of focus group results is prepared by interim pastor

         and presented to the PNC


 Session provides Mission Statement and pastor’s salary range to PNC for MIF


 PNC develops MIF


Session approves MIF


COM approves MIF


MIF is entered into CLC system


PNC determines method by which to evaluate PIFs


PNC “pulls a match” from CLC system and receives and reviews PIFs


 PNC narrows down PIF choices, including the tasks:

           − check personal references

           − “red flag check” presbytery to presbytery

           − schedule interviews


PNC identifies nominee and extends call


PNC negotiates Terms of Call with candidate


Presbytery Examinations Commission examines candidate and approves Terms of Call


PNC reports call to session


Session calls congregational meeting to elect new pastor


Pastor is elected


The call is signed (paperwork) by the PNC and the COM




… and all the while, every step of the way, PNC prays for guidance and discernment.




 1 Please check elsewhere on this website for acronym definitions

 2 Please check elsewhere on this website for focus group sign-ups


the P.N.C.


A DETAILED version

of this checklist







1. What are some of the spiritual gifts/leadership skills you believe God gifted <former pastors’ names> with? What gifts/skills could they have benefited from having more of?


2. What are the things about your church that delight you that you believe are pleasing to God? What are some concerns you have about your church that you believe God may be calling you to address?


3. What one change would you make at your church that you believe would be most pleasing to God?


4. What is getting in the way of your church being able to fully worship and glorify God?


5. Understanding that we are first and foremost called to worship and glorify God, what has not been asked that you believe would be helpful for the PNC to hear and consider in seeking a new pastor?


In searching for a new installed pastor here

at First Presbyterian Church,

we will encounter quite a few acronyms –

the Presbyterian Church is famous for them!

As information, here are the ones

we will likely encounter the most,

along with brief explanations.



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